Here's a few topics we get lots of questions about. You'll find some basic answers below, and once you sign up for the tour we'll give you more complete information, along with a packing list, map of the area, and some reading to help prepare you for the tour. If there's anything you want to know that we haven't answered, just shoot us an e-mail with the button below.


The weather this time of year is absolutely spectacular. It's typically in the 70's during the day, and in the 50's at night, and the sun is hot down here so you'll need to bring lots of sunscreen! You'll fly in a mix of jeans or windpants, a light flight suit, and t-shirts or jackets. Once you register for the tour, we'll send you a full packing list to help you prepare.


We will be staying in the four-star Terrado Club Hotel, www.chile-hotels.com. Everyone will have a big apartment with 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room and balcony, just for 2 people!!! The hotel is incredibly nice, and is a short walk from one of our morning LZs. Breakfast is included in the tour pricing, so you can look forward to a fresh and full breakfast each morning.

Electronic Conversion:

Iquique operates with 220-volt electricity, so make sure to bring your converters. You will also want to bring a 2 – 3 prong converter, and proper adapters or battery packs for your radio.

Flight Information:

It is typical to fly from the states (Atlanta, Houston, New York), to Santiago, Chile, and then take a flight from Santiago to Iquique. Once you register for the tour, we will help you with tips and tricks for booking your flight and navigating the airport.

Tour Schedule:

Here's what you can anticipate: Eat, sleep, fly. The tour schedule depends on which week you sign up for. We typically eat breakfast, fly all morning, break for lunch, fly all afternoon, eat a late dinner, go to bed, and do it all again the next day. During the XC week, we'll fly multiple sites, with a similarly rigorous schedule that allows you to get in lots of xc airtime.  When you sign up for the tour, we'll send you a tentative schedule so you can anticipate the trip.

For anything else, please contact us via e-mail and we will answer any questions you might have