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Kiting-Playa-Brava-3 Kiting-Playa-Brava-4 Kiting-Playa-Brava LuisIquique2 Luis-over-Mistic-Dunes-1 MikeAtacama Over-Brava Woody-over-Mystic-Dunes1 WoodyAtacama AlexRioSeco img1 thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail Chile is Famous for its excellent seafood Eating at Antonito's, a group favorite The crew, wathing replays of our Launches and Landings Landing at Playa Waiquique packing up telling stories Our lady Pilots Our Farewell Dinner... love those t-shirts! Luis and Todd thumbnail Beautiful! Luis soaring La Portada Luis launching 1200 Bad lookin group Luis Wingovers La Portada Nathan before Rio Seco Palo Buque Party Over the waves in Playa Brava Flying to Rio Seco Alto Hospicio Launch Paul Kiting Palo Buque High over Iquique 2009 Iquique Group XC Iquique High over the Peninsula High on Chipana XC Cruising the Ridge Kim high over Iquique Allen Iquique Pilots 2009 Alto Hospicio Palo Buque Fresh Sea Food after flying Kiting Palo Buque No hand kiting La Mina Launch Jeff Palo Buque Close up