“Basically, everything was a personal best, including my time on the ground with all of you.”

- P-2 Pilot

“My highlights are these: my first soaring flight (I cried the first time, shh 
don't tell anybody), confident launching, learning to LOVE kiting, my 
longest flight ever - 2:06, feeling thermals (1000 foot climb in one), low, 
low scratching saves, being one of 6 female pilots, the Chilean people, 
watching Marcos, watching kite skiing, getting to know 
each and everyone of you and learning to fly.”
- P-1 Pilot

“Had my first top landings (4), and first ever time to white out in the clouds (twice). Both firsts were a blast!! The entire trip was fantastic. Too cool for words. Todd, the video was great and will be worn out soon. My friends are getting tired of seeing it, but I ain't. You know the old jokes about "other people's vacations..."
- P-3 Pilot

“Smooth movements, smooth movements...”
- Luis

“Other bests: 
Best and most fun paragliding tour I have been on (four to date), most consistent flying site, 
Luis and Todd--best tour guides. 
Best and most friendliest support crew ---Fabian, Celine, Ellie 
Most friendliest, happiest, and best group I have ever flown with!!!!!!!! 
Best DVD of a flying trip (ok, the only DVD I have of a flying tour).”
- P-4 Pilot

“My special firsts: 
touching cloudbase, flying cross country, first top landing, first launch without assistance on site. The entire trip was a blast. I cannot express my feelings thinking back on this week. This was my first time participating in such a tour and I will never forget it for sure.”
- P-2 Pilot

“What a fantastic experience! To be in the air every day, putting into practice what I had learned the day before, was the best for me. It really accelerated my learning and understanding of flying...When do we go back?”
- P-2 Pilot

“Learning to kite is like being in a difficult relationship. I say go left, you say go right. I say up, you say down. I'd say we're having a failure to communicate.”
P-1 Pilot

“There were certainly many personal bests, including: my farthest flight, most hours flying in one day, most launches in a day, and my longest hike out from a landing.”
- P-2 Pilot

“Pressure on the A's! Little bit pressure, little bit pressure...”
- Celine

“Favorite moments: Special times with each of you, good food, great 
wine, flying firsts in every category, the international community of 
pilots, the special coaching-Thanks Todd, Luis and Marcos, kissing the 
- P-2 Pilot

“I logged just over 25 hours of air time over 14 days and I came into the trip with 18 hours collected over 18 months. Best moments: 
- "Parked" at about 300' over Waiquique, making a vertical descent down to the beach, seeing the vans and hearing the cheers of my friends on the radio after making it back to Palo Buque at the end of my first out and back XC to Los Verdes , flying over Iquique and seeing that I will have enough altitude to make my first landing at Cavancha. Here is a list of all of my firsts: 
flying in lots of traffic, flying in challenging turbulence for an extended period of time , flying more than two days in a row, flying over the ocean, landing on the beach, flying with zero penetration, landing in big sink, roadside cliff launching, 6 meters /sec of lift, 6 meters /sec of sink, a 50% collapse, and flying cross country.”
- P-2 Pilot

"I wanted to drop you a note to express how much the Iquique trip affected me. It was good we did the Alps trip first, it got me past my fears, I was very willing to do little sled rides for the rest of my life. I was terrified of the Idea of going up in a thermal and of being bumped around in the wind. I must of looked like an amateur my first day in Iquique and I was. In twelve days, you taught me more things than I learned in the past three years. I didn't know it was possible to feel that comfortable up in the air. I thermaled to 3000 feet in one thermal. Every single day produced a new better personal best. The Palo Buque experience was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced, and made me a much better Pilot. Both you and Todd went way above the call to duty the entire trip. By the end of the trip I was ready to move to Chile and set up camp.I ended up with seventeen hours of fly time. Todd really amazed me with his endless energy and willingness to help everyone. He really went out of his way to accommodate everyone's needs. Both of you make an incredible team. I've been back now for two weeks and still have not come down from the high I got from the vacation. We're already formulating plans for the next time we can come down with you guys. Maybe for two weeks so we can learn some cross country. I've never felt so alive in my life. All I can say is Thank You! Thank you! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!
Hope to see you soon,"
- Jerry Beach