While paragliding in Germany used to be considered an insider tip, it has become much more popular over the last few years thanks to the particularly good infrastructure and excellent flying conditions. Today, you can take part in a tandem flight almost anywhere in Germany and fly like a bird over the most beautiful regions of the country and admire the impressive mountain panoramas and lakes from above.

In order for you to find the perfect hotspot for paragliding in Germany, the expert our team has searched for the best locations and presented them to you in this article.

Paragliding in Chiemgau: Top Location For First Flight Experiences

The Chiemgau region is ideal for those who want to try paragliding in Germany for the first time, thanks to its wide range of tandem flights. About 1 hour away from Munich, paragliding providers offer a variety of different paragliding flights. For this reason, there are several flight routes in the area around the Hochries, where take-off and landing sites can be freely chosen.

For beginners, trial flights, called “standard flights” among paragliding experts, are suitable here, as they can take place in almost all thermal conditions. The flights are usually particularly quiet and last between 15 and 30 minutes.

During a standard flight in the Chiemgau, you first meet your pilot at a previously agreed meeting point and then drive together to the take-off point, which is located, for example, at the Hochries, at the Kampenwand or at the Hochfelln. Here the equipment is put on and carefully checked. After walking a short distance, you take off and glide slowly towards the landing site. In the course of the flight, you have the chance to admire the surrounding Bavarian Alps while the pilot controls the paraglider – definitely an experience you won’t soon forget!

Paragliding in Bavaria: High up in the south of Germany

Bavaria is considered an absolute hotspot for paragliding in Germany – you can see several paragliders gliding through the Bavarian Alps here at almost every mountain. Particularly popular starting points in Bavaria are, for example, the Brauneck near Lenggries and the Wallberg. Both can be reached within 1.5 hours from Munich and are known primarily as ski resorts for their large network of hiking trails. However, thanks to the continuous operation of the mountain railroads and the beautiful panoramic views over the picturesque Isarwinkel, the mountains also enjoy great popularity in summer and are perfect for a paragliding day trip.

Especially in the warm spring and summer months, the thermal conditions in this area are very advantageous, which is why especially many thermal flights are offered. In this type of paragliding flight, updrafts and good thermals are used to gain altitude. Due to the gained altitude, the flights can be prolonged and last about twice as long (up to 1 hour) compared to standard flights – so the surrounding mountain panorama can be admired for a particularly long time.

Paragliding in the Allgäu: An Adrenaline Rush in a Class of its Own

You have already gained experience in paragliding in Germany and are looking for an adrenaline kick? An acrobatic flight in the Allgäu could be just the thing for you! Around 1.5 hours from Augsburg and 2 hours from Munich are the Allgäu paragliding hotspots of Pfronten and Nesselwang. Both places are known in winter as well as in summer for various outdoor activities, one of which is paragliding.

In Nesselwang and Pfronten, a wide variety of flight types are offered, of which acrobatic flights, in particular, are a special feature for paragliders with their first flying experience. In this type of flight, the tandem pilots perform several flight maneuvers, such as steep spirals and wingovers. The flights are, therefore, compared to standard and thermal flights, particularly action-packed, and are often compared to roller-coaster rides. As a rule, acrobatic flights have a duration of 5 to 30 minutes, depending on thermal conditions and individual wishes – an exciting adrenaline rush is always guaranteed!

Paragliding in Oberstdorf: Hours of Breathtaking Cross-Country Flights

Due to its location in the middle of the Allgäu Alps, Oberstdorf is mainly known as a venue for various winter sports events. Thanks to the excellent thermal conditions around the Nebelhorn, the village, which can be reached from Munich and Augsburg within 2 hours, is known as a top location for paragliding in Germany.

The good updrafts in the Oberstdorf mountains allow for particularly long-distance flights. Similar to thermal flights, this type of paragliding flight also uses updrafts to gain altitude. This way, you stay in the air for a particularly long time and long distances can be covered.

Cross-country flights in Oberstdorf start either at the mountain station “Höfatsblick” or directly at the summit station of the Nebelhornbahn, depending on the weather conditions. During the paragliding flights, which last between 60 and 120 minutes, the peaks of the region are gradually flown over. You can escape from everyday life and enjoy the unique view of the Nebelhorn and the fantastic mountains of the Allgäu High Alps.